Analysis pipelines with Python

Room: Chernoff Hall 213 // Date: 31 July @ 9 am // Instructor: Jeff Stafford, Centre for Advanced Computing

Python is perhaps the most versatile programming language in existence, and sees widespread use in every field of modern computing. This tutorial focuses on Python for high-performance computing applications, and will include topics on performance optimization, parallel programming, and pipelining. The afternoon session will focus on using Python to (easily) write and scale massively parallel data analysis pipelines across a cluster.


Please come to the course with some variant of Python 3 installed as well as your favorite text editor / development environment. If you do not know what to install, we recommend Anaconda, an extremely comprehensive Python distribution that includes most key packages you will need. Make sure you get the Python 3 version (and not Python 2)! Please do not wait until the morning of the course to install Anaconda - it is a very large download.


Pipelining with Python

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